Business Climate

Over 20 years ago a group of dedicated local businesses decided that if the Washington County Chamber of Commerce was going to be successful in enhancing the economic growth of the county, more had to be done. This group of Chamber Members formed the first Economic Development Council with the idea that in addition to local government funding, private investment was necessary to assist with recruiting jobs, businesses and investment into our communities. These visionary leaders understood the concept that a rising tide raises all boats. Furthermore, they understood the most fundamental principal on economic development...failure to invest in the future of our economy is an investment in a failing future.

Today that vision continues with local businesses investing in our future through their contributions to the Economic Development Council. Like our forefathers, these business leaders know the importance of a strong economy, job creation and new business opportunities for our children. These leaders also know that without the investments of past generations, many of the job opportunities that exist in our communities today would not be so readily available. These leaders know that for Washington County to remain competitive in the future means that we must continually market ourselves and work diligently to assist our existing local businesses to grow and expand.


Business-Friendly Government

Florida is one of only a few right-to-work states in the U.S.

Washington County works closely together with the EDA, Government, and Economic development leaders to ensure that the business climate remains favorable to companies of all sizes.


Competitive Cost of Doing Business

Washington County offers a cost-efficient alternative to high-tech areas with more affordable land, labor, and capital than its competitors. Local governments provide quicker, less costly and more predictable permitting processes for significant economic development projects without reducing environmental standards. 

 Florida consistently ranks high among the best states for business, thanks to its pro-business state tax policies, and competitive cost of doing business.


Pro-Business Tax Structure

Businesses thrive in this low-tax environment. Florida offers limited corporate taxes and employees enjoy the benefit of no state personal income tax.  Progressive county and town governments have embraced one-stop permitting, property tax abatements and partial waiver of municipal tax on electrical energy. Within the City of Chipley is the Chipley Redevelopment Agency which offers low-cost loans and grants to qualifying businesses. Quality businesses and industries thrive here.

Financial Resources

Several programs exist within the State of Florida to incentivize and help fund potential locating or expanding businesses. Target industries often qualify for these types of financial incentives. The Washington County EDC is the link to the State of Florida’s incentive programs and guides businesses in choosing the resource that is best suites their qualifications.

For entrepreneurs and growing businesses, Florida offers access to capital from private, state, federal and other sources. The state has implemented capital formation initiatives, such as the Florida Opportunity Fund, and economic gardening programs that help Florida businesses expand by offering specialized services such as market information, leadership development, and business management tools. Strategic support is also available to foster a strong entrepreneurial culture in the state.


Access to Capital

Whether your business needs include venture capital, experience commercial lenders or access to federal and state programs, Florida has the resources for your business.