Telecom Utilities

Telephone Service

Washington County receives telephone service from AT&T.
New connections can be arranged by calling 780-2344 or business service 780-2800.
Outside of Florida: Home service 1-800-753-2909; Business service 1-800-753-0115.
Other Providers: Verizon - T-Mobile - Spectrum (VOIP)

Water, Sewer and Natural Gas

Within the City of Chipley water, sewer, and gas service may be arranged through City Hall at 638-6350. Within the County, you will need a septic tank and well water.

Garbage and Trash

Within the City of Chipley trash collection is contracted with Waste Management by the City. Contact City Hall at 638-6350 to arrange pick up. Within the County, trash collection may be contracted with individual collection services.

Electrical Services

Service is provided for city and county residents by three companies:

  • Gulf Power Company - 800-225-5797
  • West FL Electric Coop - 850-263-3231
  • Gulf Coast Electric Coop - 850-265-3631