The mission of the Washington County "This is a test" Public School District (WCSD) is to empower all students to become well educated, productive citizens by providing appropriate, high quality, and rigorous educational programs in a safe learning environment.

WCSD oversees nine educational institutions which includes two high, two middle and two elementary (PreK) SACS Accredited schools, an academy for varying exceptionalities, an institute for specialized education as well as a COE Accredited technical college.


Chipley Educational Institutions
  • Chipley High School, Roulhac Middle School, Kate M. Smith Elementary
  • Washington Academy for Varying Exceptionalities (WAVE)
  • Washington Institute for Specialized Education (WISE)
  • Florida Panhandle Technical College (FPTC)
Vernon Educational Institutions
  • Vernon High School
  • Vernon Middle School
  • Vernon Elementary School
Higher Eductational Institutions in Our Area


Washington School District Graduation Rates




While school grades are important and are a reflection of WCSD student’s academic success, it is also important for the District to meet the emotional and behavioral needs of students. WCSD employs eight Guidance Counselors, two Licensed Mental Health Counselors, a Certified Behavior Analyst, a College and Career Counselor and a School Psychologist. The staff in these positions assist meeting specific student needs and work closely with all schools as well as community agencies.

Fifth Grades and our middle and high school curriculum incorporate the AVID programs, a proven instructional method that provides students with the skills needed to be successful in school. Students also receive hands on experiences in STEM, which is an applied curriculum based on educating students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Dual enrollment, early college admissions, accelerated graduation options, and advanced placement courses are available to high school students. Virtual learning opportunities are available to all students. Middle and high school students have the option to participate in an extracurricular athletic program of their choice and participate in a band program. High School students also have JROTC and drama to choose as an area of interest. Middle and high school students may participate in a variety of clubs, such as Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), Kiwanis Club, BETA, FBLA, Student Council and STEM. High School students have several opportunities to earn industry certifications in agriculture, culinary arts, and business skills.

WCSD Schools are proud of the progress being made to provide the latest and best technology to its students. The addition of touch-screen interactive boards allows teachers to take students on virtual field trips, use hands-on learning activities to reinforce daily curriculum, and even provides the opportunity for students to take part in instructing others in the process. With a ratio of nearly one computer per student in each classroom for grades 3-12, virtual learning opportunities are endless. Curriculum and related content are more readily accessible to students and they are able to be involved in virtual learning which encompasses more course content than what is offered in the brick and mortar setting. Other enhancements include the new WCSD Schools Mobile app which provides parents 24/7 access to student grades and attendance as well as a single sign-on program which allows students to spend less time remembering passwords and more time accessing curriculum at home and school. Plans for additional technologies are currently in progress!


Washington County School District Facilities


Chipley High SchoolRoulhac Middle SchoolKate M. Smith Elementary School
1545 Brickyard Road
Chipley, FL 32428
Alicia Clemmons – Principal
Phone: 850-638-6100
Fax: 850-638-6017
1545 Brickyard Road
Chipley, FL 32428
Nancy Holley - Principal
Phone: 850-638-6170
Fax: 850-638-6319
1447 South Blvd
Chipley, FL 32428
Lesa Burdeshaw – Principal
Phone: 850-638-6220
Fax: 850-638-6279
(Washington Institute for Specialized Education)
680 Second Street
Chipley, FL 32428
Sam Cox – Teacher on Special Assignment
Phone: 850-638-6020
Fax: 850-415-5024
Pat Collins – Director of Administrative Services
Phone: 850-638-6222
Fax: 850-638-6226
(Washington Academy for Varying Exceptionalities)
934 Tiger Loop
Chipley, FL 32428
Sam Cox – Teacher on Special Assignment
Phone: 850-638-6095
Fax: 850-638-60
Troy Peoples – Director of ESE & Federal Programs
Phone: 850-638-6222
Fax: 850-638-6226
Florida Panhandle Technical College
757 Hoyt Street
Chipley, FL 32428
Larry Moore – Director
Phone: 850-638-1180 Ext. 302
Fax: 850-638-6177
Vernon High SchoolVernon Middle SchoolVernon Elementary School
3232 Moss Hill Road
Vernon, FL 32462
Brian Riviere – Principal
Phone: 850-535-2046
Fax: 850-535-9364
3190 Moss Hill Road
Vernon, FL 32462
Brian Riviere – Principal
Becky Dickson- Teacher on Special Assignment
Phone: 850-535-2807
Fax: 850-535-1683
3665 Roche Avenue
Vernon, FL 32462
Steve Griffin – Principal
Phone: 850-535-2486
Fax: 850-535-1437